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Allergies can be annoying and downright dangerous to deal with. But understanding your allergies, and being proactive about prevention and treatment, can significantly reduce the risk of suffering from uncomfortable and even harmful reactions. At Allergy Free World, our goal is to provide you the latest news, research and treatments to help you keep your allergies in check. We have resources that are designed to help you recognize symptoms, explore causes, and find the best medical treatments for allergies. Our blog posts also cover topics related to exploring the psychological aspects of living with allergies, understanding the truth behind myths, and helpful tips for minimizing your family’s exposure to allergens. Visit Allergy Free World today for the help and support you need to manage your allergies.


Are you an allergy sufferer who has recently become interested in vaping? It can be a great alternative to cigarettes, but you should be aware that vaping is not typically allergy-friendly. Vaping can include irritants such as flavoring agents, preservatives and nicotine. Many people may find these substances particularly allergenic, resulting in symptoms such as congestion, runny nose, and coughing. If you’re an allergy sufferer who’s intrigued by vaping, it’s important to consider which substances you may be allergic to, and find a vaping product that allows you to avoid exposure to those substances, if possible.