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Anxiety is a common emotion that can affect anyone, at any time. Whether it’s related to work, life events, health, or other circumstances, it can be a difficult emotion to cope with. At Next Step Counseling, we understand the impact anxiety can have on someone, and our compassionate and understanding counselors are ready to help you find relief. We offer evidence-based approaches to manage stress and build resiliency, as well as individualized, therapeutic approaches to help you manage and overcome your anxiety. Visit us online and book a session today to take the next step toward managing and reducing your anxiety.


Vaping has been increasingly linked to stress relief by many people in recent years. Studies have shown that vaping can help reduce stress levels and has positive effects on the brain. The act of vaping has a calming effect due to its meditative nature, and can help reduce the body’s cortisol levels that can cause stress and anxiety. Vaping also has the added benefit of reducing physical triggers of stress, such as nicotine withdrawal or the habit of smoking cigarettes. In addition to providing stress relief, vaping can also be used to treat mental stress, as it contains natural compounds that have calming and mood-lifting effects. Vaping also has the potential to help people achieve healthier lifestyles. By replacing cigarettes with vaping, they are removing harmful chemicals, and preventing the long-term health complications that come with smoking cigarettes. So while it is still important to practice healthy habits and exercises to manage stress, vaping may be an effective tool in reducing stress levels.