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Asthma is a chronic condition of the respiratory system caused by inflammation and narrowing of the airways. Symptoms may include coughing, wheezing, chest tightness, difficulty breathing, and increased production of mucus. Treatment options may include lifestyle modifications, medications, and inhalers. Living a healthy lifestyle, taking preventative measures, and knowing how to recognize and respond to signs of an asthma attack are key to proper management. To learn more about asthma, its causes, symptoms, and treatments, contact your physician.


Vaping has recently become a popular trend, but it can pose a risk to people with asthma. The aerosol from vaping can contain small particles and chemicals, which may worsen asthma symptoms in some people. In addition, the nicotine found in many vaping products can further irritate the airways and trigger an asthma attack. Therefore, it is important for people with asthma to be aware of the potential risks of vaping and talk to their healthcare provider if they have any questions or concerns.