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Bottom is the lowest or deepest part of something. Be it the bottom of the sea, a climbing route, the underside of a car or the lowest interior of a house. It’s a place of potential, of possibilities and of discovery. At the bottom, everything including a foundation needed for success must start. This is why it’s a great concept to focus on when striving for success and growth. With the right strategies and investments, you can reach the bottom and come out strong. Find out what Bottom has in store for you today.


Leaking vape pods can be a real nuisance. The problem is caused by a combination of incorrect use, inadequate maintenance and design defects. Leaking usually occurs from the bottom of the pod, causing e-liquid to seep out and cause an unpleasant mess. To minimize the chances of this happening, always ensure that the seals are firmly in place and regularly check for signs of wear or damage. Additionally, make sure to clean the device regularly and replace your pods according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.