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Cardiovascular system is the system of organs and tissues that transport blood and oxygen throughout the body. This system is made up of the heart, vasculature, and blood. It works together to ensure that all the organs and tissues in the body are supplied with the nutrients and oxygen needed for metabolism and normal functioning. The cardiovascular system also plays an important role in the regulation of several vital biological activities, such as body temperature, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels. Proper care and maintenance are essential for keeping the cardiovascular system healthy. Staying active, eating a balanced diet, and visiting the doctor regularly can help keep the system in good condition.


Vaping has become a popular activity for many, but its effects on the body have been largely unknown. Recent studies suggest that vaping may have an impact on the immune system, due to the presence of chemicals in the vapors. Research suggests that the chemicals found in vapor can damage and suppress cells in the immune system, potentially leading to increased susceptibility to viruses and other infections. Although more research is needed, evidence suggests that continued vaping could have an adverse effect on the body’s immune system.