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Curb Tension is an experienced Australian-based provider of mental health solutions to individuals who are suffering from stress and tension. Our team of experienced counsellors provide tailored therapies for clients to help reduce the symptoms of emotional distress, aiding them in leading healthier and more balanced lives. Our services embrace techniques such as cognitive behavioural therapy, relaxation therapy and psychoeducation, all of which are designed to help clients control stress and anxiety more effectively. We work with clients to equips them with the tools they need to address debilitating feelings, through tailored and focused plans, that help to reduce symptoms and panic attacks. Our approach has helped many to control their stress levels, worry and fears, allowing them to live happier and healthier lives.


Vaping has been increasingly linked to stress relief by many people in recent years. Studies have shown that vaping can help reduce stress levels and has positive effects on the brain. The act of vaping has a calming effect due to its meditative nature, and can help reduce the body’s cortisol levels that can cause stress and anxiety. Vaping also has the added benefit of reducing physical triggers of stress, such as nicotine withdrawal or the habit of smoking cigarettes. In addition to providing stress relief, vaping can also be used to treat mental stress, as it contains natural compounds that have calming and mood-lifting effects. Vaping also has the potential to help people achieve healthier lifestyles. By replacing cigarettes with vaping, they are removing harmful chemicals, and preventing the long-term health complications that come with smoking cigarettes. So while it is still important to practice healthy habits and exercises to manage stress, vaping may be an effective tool in reducing stress levels.