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Vaping has become a popular and growing trend around the world, with new innovations and developments appearing every day. From the creation of creative new devices to the recent implementation of temperature control and customization capabilities, vaping technology continues to progress and advance. As experts in the industry, we can stay up to date on the latest trends, including the emergence of THC and cannabis-infused vaping products, as well as the development of E-Cigs that offer faster, higher levels of nicotine absorption. With the continual introduction of new products and technology, we can be confident that the vaping industry is an exciting and ever-evolving one.


The vape industry is seeing continual development, with market growth expected to continue in the years ahead. As e-cigarette use continues to rise, the vaping industry’s value is projected to exceed $50 billion by 2025. This growth is largely due to changes in legislation and the introduction of new technologies. The industry is now branched out to include many more applications, such as the use of vaping pods, pod mods, and all-in-ones. Furthermore, with the development of the global Forex market, investors have an even greater scope to capitalize on the growth of the vape industry. Forex has made it possible to trade vape currencies, and forecasters suggest that there is huge potential to be had for those aware of this new technology. As such, those looking to capitalize on the industry’s growth should familiarize themselves with the Forex market and look out for the latest vape industry developments.