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Driving safety is essential for any driver. With the correct knowledge, skills and attitude you can stay safe on the roads and reduce your risk of accidents. At AAA Driving School, we offer driving safety courses and resources to help drivers learn the fundamentals of safe driving, from rules of the road to general defensive driving techniques. With our courses, you’ll be prepared to navigate the roads safely and responsibly.

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Vaping has become a popular habit all around the world, particularly with young people. As the popularity of vaping has grown, so have questions about the safety of vaping while driving. It’s important to remember that anyone operating a vehicle must pay full attention to the task at hand and put safety first. Distracted driving, even with activities like vaping, is dangerous and can have tragic consequences. Drivers should also be aware of local laws and regulations regarding the use of vaping while driving. As with any other activity, vaping while operating a vehicle that requires a considerable amount of attention and focus is highly discouraged. Driving and vaping is never safe and should be avoided. To remain safe on the roads, drivers should wait until they have reached a destination before vaping.