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Health Effects–Regardless of your age, lifestyle, or any other factor, it’s key to be aware of the potential health effects brought on by your habits or environment. From battling poor sleep quality to sustaining injuries, there are many ways in which your health can be impacted. Keep in mind that preventive measures, like eating healthy, exercising regularly, and speaking to a doctor, can help lessen the risk of health-related issues. Be proactive about learning about health and staying in the know about the potential consequences so there are no surprises.


Vaping has become a popular activity for many, but its effects on the body have been largely unknown. Recent studies suggest that vaping may have an impact on the immune system, due to the presence of chemicals in the vapors. Research suggests that the chemicals found in vapor can damage and suppress cells in the immune system, potentially leading to increased susceptibility to viruses and other infections. Although more research is needed, evidence suggests that continued vaping could have an adverse effect on the body’s immune system.