Tag: Not Producing Enough Smoke

If you want to know why your smoker isn’t producing enough smoke, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Smokin’ Supplies, we can help you figure out why your smoker isn’t producing the amount of smoke you want. We offer comprehensive advice on elements that affect smoke production, such as the type of wood used, the configuration of the smoker, the amount of air flow and the burning temperature. Our guides and expert advice will help you get the best out of your smoker, so you can enjoy delicious smoked meals with the right amount of smoke.


Are you experiencing vapor production issues with your vape pod? Not producing enough smoke? It could be a sign of several things such as an old or worn out coil, not enough wicking, or an incorrect wattage setting. To ensure your vape pod is producing the optimal amount of vapor and smoke, make sure that the wattage setting is appropriate for the coil being used and that there is proper wicking. If the wattage setting is too low, the coil won’t get hot enough to produce vapor. If the wattage setting is too high, the coil becomes charred and produces a burnt taste. Additionally, be sure to check the cotton wick to ensure that it is free of any debris and that is soaked with e-liquid, as this will ensure optimal flavor production.