Tag: Pod Vapes

Pod vapes are the latest trend in vaping. From refillable open pod systems, to pre-filled closed pod systems, there’s a device for everyone. They are sleek and lightweight, perfect for on-the-go vaping. The draw-activated firing systems make them easy to use for novice and experienced vapers alike. Enjoy the convenience of pre-filled pods with a variety of delicious flavor options or fill up a refillable pod with your favorite e-liquid. Pod vapes are the perfect choice for those looking for an uncomplicated, stealthy, and delicious vaping experience.


For vapers looking for a more intense throat hit, they may find themselves not getting enough from popular vape pod systems. This is because pods are typically designed with those who prefer a more mellow hit in mind, and they lack the nicotine strength or coil wattage to provide ample throat hit to some users. If you find yourself needing more of a throat hit from your vape, you may want to try a device with adjustable wattage or higher concentration e-juice to get the full flavor and throat hit of your favorite e-liquids.