Tag: Poor Hit

Poor Hit” is a phrase describing the unsuccessful recording of a hit single. It is commonly used to describe a song that has not achieved the success its producers had hoped for. Poor Hit is often the result of too much focus on technical aspects of the production or an overall lack of engagement from the public that further keeps the single from achieving widespread recognition. If you know of a Poor Hit or are looking for help in avoiding one, contact us today to learn more! We can help you create an engaging sound from the production up to the release, all in the effort of giving your single the hit status it deserves.


Vaping with a pod system can be a disappointing experience, as many users have found that their vape pods are simply not producing a satisfying hit. This can be due to anything from the device itself, the battery, the strength of the pod, or even the type of flavor chosen. If you are experiencing a lack of throat hit or unsatisfying flavor, it is important to diagnose the issue before it becomes a problem.