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Vape pods are a high-tech and convenient way of vaping. But when your device won’t fire up, it can be a frustration. Common causes for your vape pod not firing could be due to a faulty battery, clogged coils, o-rings, and airflows, or an inaccurate wattage setting. The best solution is to make sure all aspects of your vape pod are clean and up to date with the manufacturer’s recommendations. To start, check the battery and make sure that it is properly connected. If you’re using a removable battery, check the connection. If it’s fixed, try wiping the contacts with a dry cloth. Then review the coils, o-rings, and airflows, replacing anything that looks worn or damaged. Finally, make sure the wattage level is accurate and that it’s matching your coil setup. With these measures, you should be able to get your vape pod back up and running snugly.