Tag: Suppression

Suppression, also known as censorship, is the control of information to prevent its circulation. Whether it’s a country, organization, or individual, those who practice suppression seek to control the information people can access and, when possible, disseminate. Suppression can affect media, including newspapers, books, television programs, movies, radio broadcasts, websites, and more. It can be an effort to prevent access to information or to silence dissenting opinions. It is most often used to control ideologies, religions, politics, and government policies.

posed youth

A recent study found concerning evidence of vaping’s potential to compromise the immune systems of exposed youth. The study, conducted by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, found that youth who vape are more likely to show signs of immune system suppression including reduced activity of certain white blood cells than non-vapers. This immune system suppression could potentially open exposed youth to infection and may worsen existing health problems. Additionally, the researchers found that vaping by youth can increase their exposure to harmful contaminants and chemicals contained in the aerosol. Vaping can potentially have serious implications for youth health and well-being, and should be taken seriously.