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For vapers looking for a more intense throat hit, they may find themselves not getting enough from popular vape pod systems. This is because pods are typically designed with those who prefer a more mellow hit in mind, and they lack the nicotine strength or coil wattage to provide ample throat hit to some users. If you find yourself needing more of a throat hit from your vape, you may want to try a device with adjustable wattage or higher concentration e-juice to get the full flavor and throat hit of your favorite e-liquids.

Many vapers have noticed that vape pods do not offer a satisfying throat hit like many other vaping devices. This is generally because pods are designed with the higher nicotine levels popularized by JUUL and other closed-system devices, and the inhale resistance (or draw resistance) is often too low to generate a strong throat hit. Additionally, due to the low wattage of many pod devices, the e-liquid is not adequately vaporized for a strong throat hit. The result is a smooth yet somewhat underwhelming vaping experience.