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Vaporizers are devices designed to turn the contents of herbal blends, flower, wax, or oil into vapor. These versatile devices make it easier to enjoy your favorite herbal blends without the potential health risks associated with combustion. Zooc Northern provides a selection of high-quality and easy-to-use vaporizers to meet your needs. Whether you’re looking for something discreet or an all-in-one solution, our vaporizers provide an efficient way to enjoy your favorite flavors without the worry of toxic smoke inhalation. Shop now to find the vaporizer that’s just right for you. Experience the difference of vaporizing with Zooc Northern!


For vapers looking for a more intense throat hit, they may find themselves not getting enough from popular vape pod systems. This is because pods are typically designed with those who prefer a more mellow hit in mind, and they lack the nicotine strength or coil wattage to provide ample throat hit to some users. If you find yourself needing more of a throat hit from your vape, you may want to try a device with adjustable wattage or higher concentration e-juice to get the full flavor and throat hit of your favorite e-liquids.