Tag: Weak Throat Hit

A weak throat hit often occurs when smoking traditional cigarettes, but can also be an issue with some vaping products. A weak throat hit is caused by too much air in the device, not enough nicotine, or too low of a wattage setting. In order to increase the strength of your throat hit, try increasing the wattage, using higher nicotine strength juices, and adjust the airflow settings on your device. The throat hit can also be improved by using a device specifically designed for higher wattage and more advanced users. We at Vapor Fi have the best selection of vaporizers and the expertise to help you perfect your vape and get the throat hit you need. Visit us and find that perfect hit today!


For vapers looking for a more intense throat hit, they may find themselves not getting enough from popular vape pod systems. This is because pods are typically designed with those who prefer a more mellow hit in mind, and they lack the nicotine strength or coil wattage to provide ample throat hit to some users. If you find yourself needing more of a throat hit from your vape, you may want to try a device with adjustable wattage or higher concentration e-juice to get the full flavor and throat hit of your favorite e-liquids.