Troubleshooting Tip: How to Fix Your Vape Pod Not Firing

Troubleshooting Tip: How to Fix Your Vape Pod Not Firing

forex-trading-clients/” title=”Vape Pod Shop Promo Codes: Benefits for Forex Trading Clients”>Vape pod not firing properly forex can be‍ a major stressor for many vapers. An issue like ‌this⁢ can cause ‌a vaper to question⁣ if ‌they are doing something wrong or if ‍their device is malfunctioning. This can also ⁢be concerning⁣ due ‍to user​ safety and⁣ potential product damage. In⁤ this article,⁢ we will explore the different⁢ possible causes for why vape ⁢pods ​may not fire ​properly and how to troubleshoot them.

What ​Is a Vape Pod?

A vape pod is‌ a type ⁢of vaping⁣ device that‍ uses sealed tanks to ‌store pre-filled e-liquids.⁢ Instead of ⁢manually filling ⁢the tank with​ e-liquid, users simply ​purchase pre-filled cartridges‍ or pods to use with their system. These devices designed‍ for⁣ a tight,​ dense‍ clouds​ of ‌vapor reminiscent of smoking an⁢ analog​ cigarette. Vape​ pods ​are a⁢ hit with beginners ⁢and ​experienced ‌users looking⁣ for something‍ ultra-simple, without the⁤ hassle ⁣of filling tanks or choosing different coils.

Common ⁢Causes of Vape Pods⁢ Firing Issues

Whether it’s⁣ a single-use vape pod or⁣ a ⁤refillable one, they have the potential of not firing ⁣or not producing vapor as predicted. If‌ your pod isn’t working there‍ are several possible causes. For example, the power may not be high⁣ enough⁤ to heat the e-liquid, either due to ‌the batteries being nearly dead or the ⁣coil being too low‍ on resistance.

Alternatively, the coil⁣ might’ve burned out,‌ and ‌you will need to replace it with a‍ new⁤ one. Lastly, the⁢ vaping device may not be reading‍ the coil correctly.‍ The ‌best way to determine ‍one of ‍these problems is to troubleshoot your device.

How to Troubleshoot⁣ Your Vape Pod?

If your‌ vape⁢ device is having difficulty firing, here are some things‌ you can do to see if you can fix‌ the issue.

First, check the battery life. Most devices⁢ come with an LED​ light that will let‍ you know when the battery needs to be recharged. If the ‍light is‍ orange or‌ red, ‍you will​ need to recharge the battery.

Second, you⁤ should check the coil resistance. If ⁤the coil resistance‌ is too low for the battery, ⁤it may not ‌have enough energy ⁤to produce vapor. The best thing to do ⁣is to purchase the same brand of‌ coil ⁢as‌ your device.

Third, if‍ the proper branded‍ coil is ⁤not⁤ read correctly,⁣ try ⁢resetting the device or ​priming the⁢ coil. To prime ‌the coil, you must let‍ it sit in the juice overnight before vaping.

This will temporarily ⁤fix any read ​errors.⁤ If none of these steps work, then ⁤the issue could ‌be a defective chip​ or a​ complex problem ⁣with ‌the device. In that situation, the best ​decision would be ​to​ contact the manufacturer for support.


Firing issues with vape ⁢pods are ⁣common, but they’re easy to troubleshoot. If your⁣ device‌ is ⁢still not‌ firing correctly and you’ve checked the⁢ battery, coil and tried resetting the device, then it may be a defective ⁢chip or wire requiring manufacturer⁣ support. With the right troubleshooting, ​you can ⁤get your vape⁣ pod to start firing ⁣correctly in‌ no time.