Troubleshooting Vape Pod Not Hitting: Expert Guide

Troubleshooting Vape Pod Not Hitting: Expert Guide

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What Are​ The‌ Most‌ Common Vape⁤ Pod Problems ⁢& How ‌Do I Fix Them?

Vape​ pods are a​ convenient, hassle-free way to enjoy your⁣ favorite ⁢vape juices, but like all electronic devices, they can⁣ be⁣ prone to issues from ‍time to time. Whether⁣ it’s leaking pods, burnt tastes, or your device not hitting, the good ⁤news is that these problems can usually‌ be fixed ‍with a few simple steps.⁤ Here, we’ll go over the ⁤16 most ⁢common vape‍ pod problems,​ and tell⁤ you how⁣ to fix ​them. ⁤

My Pod System Isn’t Hitting

If your​ pod system isn’t hitting ⁣when you puff on it⁣ or press the fire button, the first​ thing​ you should do is ‌make sure ⁣that⁤ the battery⁢ is ⁣adequately⁣ charged. If the battery is working ​as expected, ⁢the⁣ issue could be a clog in your vaping ⁢setup, either‍ caused ⁤by​ debris or gunked-up e-liquid.‌ Either way,⁣ a regular cotton ⁢swab can usually ‌clear out ‍any blockages.

If the ⁣issue persists, check ‌the contact point ‍between ⁤the ⁢battery and atomizer.⁢ If the contact ⁤point for your vape is clogged‍ or pushed ⁤down too​ far, it may cause your ​vape⁢ to stop working. If the contact point is pushed down too‍ far, take⁤ off the battery‌ and use a ⁣paper clip or⁢ needle⁣ to carefully reduce the battery’s depth.⁢

Finally, if the ⁣issue isn’t resolved by ⁣this, try loosening the atomizer ⁣or pod⁤ slightly. ⁢To ⁢do this, ⁢find ⁤the rubber gasket at ‍the bottom on either the tank ‌or ‌the battery shelf, and ‌make‍ sure it’s finger-tight and not over-tightened.

My‍ Pod⁢ Tastes Burnt

If your ⁢pod tastes overly⁢ harsh⁣ and burnt, the first thing to‌ check is⁢ the wattage setting on ‌your device. If it’s too ⁢high, the heat⁣ will cause ​your ⁣e-juices to burn⁣ and ⁤produce an ⁢unpleasant taste. Lowering⁤ the wattage setting and increasing the⁤ airflow will ⁣usually ⁤fix the‍ problem.

You may also need to clean out ‍your vape periodically to make sure it’s not⁣ clogged due to debris. Try ‍cleaning and “reverse⁤ puffing” (blowing out) to clear any vape juice blockage.‍ If the⁤ issue persists,⁣ it​ may‍ be a sign that your ⁤coils need changing.

My ‌Pod System Won’t Start After Leaking

If you’re unable to get​ the device to‍ start hitting after a pod has leaked, scroll ⁣down⁤ to⁢ troubleshoot your leaking pod system. If you’re having‍ trouble​ with your pod not⁢ sparking, the battery ⁢may ‍be too low. Or, if your pod⁣ suddenly stops working after a few‍ hits, it⁤ could be⁢ that‌ there’s ‍too ​much liquid in the‍ atomizer, so give ​it a ​few‍ minutes before⁢ trying again to⁣ make sure it gets a chance to cool down. ​

Finally, if you’ve recently replaced your pod or coil, make sure that⁤ the⁣ connection between the Atomizer‍ and ‌Battery is properly ⁤seated, as this could⁣ also be the source of the issue.

My Pod Tastes‍ Weird

There⁢ are​ a few possible⁢ reasons why your pod may be giving⁤ off⁣ unusual tastes. The first thing ‍to check is whether it ​has become⁣ clogged or blocked. ⁤This usually happens when too much e-liquid ‍has been ​absorbed into ‍the wick, ⁢so ‍try⁣ cleaning out ‍the atomizer​ or changing the ⁤coil to resolve the issue.​

Another problem you may run into is coil gunk, which occurs when leftover residue ‍from e-liquid accumulates ‍on the coil. If this happens, your ​best bet is to ‌change the coil and make sure to ⁢prime it⁣ properly.

Finally,‌ leaking is another ​common cause of weird tastes.⁣ If your pod is leaking, ‌follow ‍these instructions ​to ​troubleshoot⁢ the issue. ‌


Whether you’re having issues‍ with your⁣ pods not hitting, leaking, or ⁣just tasting‌ weird, ​these solutions should help you fix‍ the ‍problem and⁢ get​ your‍ vape pod ⁣setup ⁢working like new again. Of course, there are plenty ⁢of other‌ difficulties that can occur, ⁤but if you’re able⁣ to troubleshoot ‌the⁢ core issues then you​ should be⁣ able‍ to⁤ get your setup up ⁤and‌ running quickly.⁤ Good luck!