Vape Pod Not Charging: A Guide to Solving It

Vape Pod Not Charging: A Guide to Solving It

As more ⁢people‍ switch from traditional smoking to vaping,‌ the options for devices‍ keeps expanding, and now vape⁤ pods have‍ become⁢ a popular⁣ way to ⁣get a nicotine ‌fix. While the⁤ convenience and‍ accessibility ‌of vape pods is ⁣a⁢ big‍ advantage, ⁣one downside users ⁢may ⁣encounter is ⁢that⁤ their device ⁢can suddenly stop charging. In this article, we’ll look at ​why ​this may happen ‍and⁢ provide troubleshooting ‌tips to help you get‍ your vape ⁢pod up and ⁢running again.

What To Do When Your Vape⁤ Pod Is Not Charging

If you’re‌ a vaper, then you know​ that ⁣keeping your device​ powered up is essential for ‌your vaping experience. A dead battery can‌ be⁢ a ⁢major disappointment, especially when you’re in the middle of vaping. Whether‍ you’re ​using an​ oil vape⁣ pen, a disposable vape pod,‍ or an elf‌ bar, ‍when your device isn’t charging,​ your⁣ vaping plans⁢ tend to ​spiral out ‍of control.

But don’t worry, there are a few steps you can ‍take to ‌investigate and ​prevent⁣ charging issues with your vape⁢ pod. Read⁢ below for a full review ​of what‍ to ⁣do when your vape pod isn’t⁣ charging.

Check The⁣ Voltage

The first step to take when your‍ vape pod isn’t‌ charging‍ is to ⁢make⁤ sure you’re using⁢ the ⁢correct voltage for your ⁤device. Many users make the mistake of using an incompatible ⁢ charger, as this can‍ cause ⁢your device to​ stop ⁢working altogether. Your vape pod manual should have the correct voltage listed, so make‌ sure you’re using the⁢ right⁤ one.

Clean Contacts

It’s⁢ important that you ⁢make sure ⁤your‍ contacts are clean, as dirt can⁤ get in the way of your device ⁢charging correctly. Gently wipe both the vape pod and ⁤charger‌ contacts with a damp cloth, or use rubbing alcohol‍ to clean them. Also,​ take this ⁢opportunity to⁤ make ‌sure your​ vape pod screws are‌ tight; a loose connection means your ⁤vape pod won’t charge correctly.

Try‌ A‌ Different Source ‍Of Power

If your‍ vape pod still won’t charge,​ the problem may be the charger itself. If you can, try plugging your device into a different power source, such as a‌ car charger, ⁤laptop, ​or portable ⁢power source. If your vape pod charges when plugged into a different power source, then the problem was most likely⁤ with the charger.

Check For Obstructions

If your vape pod is‍ not charging,⁣ it may be​ that something is ‍blocking ‍the connection. Take a ⁤look at both​ the ‍charger and vape pod for blockages, such ⁢as dirt‍ or lint. If​ you find something, carefully remove it.

Replace The​ Battery

If your vape pod is still not charging, the ⁣problem may be the battery itself.⁤ Batteries can​ lose⁤ their potency ​over time, or⁣ become ⁤damaged due to being‌ dropped or exposed to water. ⁤If you find‌ that your⁢ battery is not‍ holding a ⁣charge ‍or is otherwise‍ malfunctioning, it’s ⁢time to get⁤ a ‍new one. You can ⁣often find replacement batteries of the same model at vape shops or online.


Vape pod ⁣not charging can ‌be one‍ of the ⁣most frustrating problems vapers run into. ‌Fortunately, there are a few​ steps you can ‌take to troubleshoot and potentially get your device⁣ up ⁤and running again. From checking ​the voltage to ‌replacing the battery, use this guide⁤ to figure ⁢out why your vape pod isn’t ‍charging and ⁤what to ⁣do ⁢if it happens.